Cross Platform Monetization

What is mopay?

mopay is the next generation payments system, enabling online merchants to bill digital goods and services to virtually every telecommunications account. The mopay payment platform offers the ideal billing method for every consumer via device-optimized payment windows and streamlined processes. mopay is the easiest and fastest way of paying for digital goods and services you will find!


A state-of-the-art technological base allows mopay to support virtually every device. mopay will automatically adjust its payment window to every platform, device and screen size to maximize conversion.

Billing Channels

mopay supports a broad spectrum of alternative billing channels all optimized for broad availability within online merchants’ target groups. Combine them in any order to further increase conversion.

Key Features

  • Global Reach

    mopay is available in more than 80 countries worldwide connecting to more than 400 telecommunications providers. mopay clients are able to reach 4.3 billion consumers, giving this payment method the highest penetration rate right after cash.

  • Best Conversion Rates

    Paying with mopay is fast and easy. No entering 16-digit credit card numbers, bank account details or name and address. mopay does not even require a registration. Consumers using mopay are ten times more likely to finish the purchasing process compared to credit card payments.

  • Cross-Platform Billing

    mopay supports multiple mobile and stationary devices. Due to its state-of-the-art technological base, mopay is able to automatically select the ideal payment method, payment process and device-optimized display of its payment window.

  • Highest Security Standards

    mopay is the most secure payment method available on the web. Consumers do not have to provide any confidential financial data – the mobile or landline phone number or broadband account does the trick. To eliminate the risk of fraud, every mopay payment has to be authorized by the consumer.

  • Industry-Leading Payouts

    Having more than a decade worth of international carrier relations allows mopay to always provide best payout rates for merchants. Integrating mopay, online merchants can flexibly select the amounts they want to bill via mopay.

  • Highest Consumer Confidence

    mopay today is available in more than 1.200 online games and services processing millions of transactions every month. Consumers know and trust mopay as a reliable payment method. Transparent payment processes as well as best-in-class consumer support make mopay the go-to mobile payments partner.