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Oct 2014

Boku Acquires mopay, Solidifies Position as World’s Largest Mobile Payment Provider for Carrier Billing

Combination of two carrier-billing giants will help drive mobile payments standardization for merchants, carriers and consumers. Boku, Inc., today announced the acquisition of Germany-based mopay, one of the largest carrier billing companies in the world and one of Boku’s leading competitors. The acquisition makes Boku the largest standalone provider of carrier billing-based mobile payment services in the world, adding marquee merchant customers like Valve, gameloft, and Wargaming, and hundreds of other merchants to Boku’s existing global merchant base that includes Facebook, Sony, Spotify, and Electronic Arts.

The merger represents a combination of two largely complementary organizations, with similar value propositions to carriers and to merchants across the virtual, digital and physical goods categories. The combined assets of the two companies will offer greater scale and operational efficiency and a more standardized carrier billing solution to the benefit of merchants, carriers and consumers alike. “By coming together we've created a company that can realize the vision of charging purchases to your phone bill as a truly global payment method at scale,” said Jon Prideaux, CEO of Boku. “Together, Boku and mopay serve some of the largest digital merchants in the world and we have a tremendous pipeline in the works.” “This is a merger from strength. Both companies have strong growth plans, but felt that our customers would be best served by coming together to build a market leading mobile payments platform,” said Ingo Lippert, CEO of mopay. The new organization offers mobile payments in more than 80 countries around the world, with a reach close to 5 billion consumers. Over time, the companies will merge operations and operate under the Boku brand.


Jul 2014

mopay signs global carrier billing contract with leading China mobile gaming company Chukong Technologies

mopay announced today the signing of a global carrier billing deal with the leading Chinese mobile gaming company Chukong Technologies (“Chukong”). The Beijing-based company has decided to integrate mopay’s Android software development kit (SDK) solution as essential element in the overall billing module for game developers worldwide. The mopay interface will serve as Chukong’s Android default solution for a consumer that wants to pay for digital goods and services via carrier billing.


Jun 2014

mopay wins carrier billing payment contract for the world’s top grossing freemium massively multiplayer online game, CrossFire

mopay announced today an agreement with Smilegate West, the publisher of CrossFire, the world’s top-grossing free-to-play online game in 2013. CrossFire has been ranked #1 with about $1 billion revenue in a recent report from Superdata Research on top-earning free-to-play PC online games. Smilegate West is publishing CrossFire in all of the Americas. mopay provides the respective carrier billing infrastructure.


May 2014

mopay enters Indian carrier billing market with next-gen app billing solution

mopay announced its entry into the Indian market with an HTML5 in-app billing solution. The company brings its latest technology to the Indian market where staggering growth rates indicate that the number of Internet-enabled mobile devices will have exceeded the US by the end of 2014. mopay is launching the HTML5-for-mobile version of its award -winning direct carrier billing platform on all large Indian carriers to give its subscribers of mobile Internet devices the same frictionless payment experience as in Europe and the United States.