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How does paying with mopay work?

Say goodbye to your wallet – you will not need it anymore. mopay lets you use your phone just like credit cards or cash. With mopay you simply provide your phone number to pay online. The charge will appear on your phone bill. This is how it works:

  • Shop for goods and services online and chose mopay as payment method at check out.
  • Provide your phone number in the mopay payment window.
  • Once the PIN is entered click ‘Finish’ to complete the purchase.

Live Demo

Try out mopay with your own phone. Depending on your country’s rules and regulations, the payment process may differ from the one described above.

Please note: You are about to start a real purchasing process via mopay and thus a small charge will be made to your mobile phone account. The exact amount will be displayed in the mopay payment window.

[Mobile Demo (DE)]