mopay suports all platforms
from small to big screen

How does mopay work?

Say goodbye to your wallet. You will not need it anymore. Because mopay lets you use your phone just like a credit card or cash – things you usually carry around in your wallet. With mopay you simply provide your phone number to pay. The charge will appear on your phone bill.


This is how it works:

Insert your mobile phone number

Insert the PIN you received

That’s it, you’re done!

Key Features

  • Available around the world

    You can pay with mopay in more than 55 countries worldwide. All you need is a mobile phone, landline phone or broadband account.

  • Paying the easy way

    Paying with mopay is as easy as 1-2-3. And it is just as fast. Your phone number does the trick.

  • Your data is secure

    Since you only need your phone number to pay, data breaches, identity theft or fraud are non-issues when using mopay.

  • You are our top priority

    You can check your purchases anytime visiting, providing you with all the answers you may need. Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly customer support team.